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How does it work?

Buycycle is the online marketplace for used road bikes and gravel bikes. What does it mean? We bring sellers together with buyers, so that the sale works safely and smoothly for all parties. Using our extensive database of over 40,000 bikes, you can create your free ad in minutes. Once both parties have agreed on a price, the buyer can pick up the bike or have it shipped insured and, if necessary, book a premium check. The buyer deposits the money with us until the bike has arrived, and then the seller is paid by us. If the bike arrives damaged or not in the condition as promised in the ad, we take care of the reversal and you get your money back from us.

How can I Buy a bike on buycycle?

1. Pay Online

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You can either buy the bike of your choice directly at the specified price with your desired payment option or send the seller:in a counter offer. You benefit from our buyer protection, i.e. only when the bike has been delivered to our shipping company or you, we collect your money and pay the seller. If you have questions about the bike, you can use the questions and comments function below the ad.

2. Shipping / Pick-Up

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If you have agreed on a price and both sides have accepted the purchase, you have the choice between pickup and shipping. If the bike is picked up, you will receive the seller's contact information and you will make an appointment. If the bike is shipped, the seller will send the bike directly to your home in insured packaging material provided by us.

3. Premium-Check

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Optionally, you can also book our Premium Check. In this case, your bike goes through the hands of one of our partner workshops and is put through its paces. If the condition differs from the sales display, we contact the seller to arrange a repair if necessary.

4. Right to Return

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If the bike is not in the described condition, you reject the confirmation and get your money back from us. The reversal with the seller we take over for you. And if the wheel was sent, we simply pick it up again from you.

5. Confirmation

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Only when both parties have confirmed the successful transfer via a link, the purchase becomes effective. When shipping, you confirm to us after receiving your bike that everything is in order, and only then we pay the seller.

How can I Sell a bike on buycycle?

1. Create Ad

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With the help of our extensive database (40,000+ bikes), we can tell you exactly which components are installed on your bike by brand, model and year. If your bike is not listed in our database, you will receive a notification as soon as we have included your model. Then you can create your free sale ad in no time at all.

We only need information about the condition of your bike and a few photos. You can also upload them conveniently from your smartphone via a QR code. If you have exchanged components, you can still change them and receive a non-binding purchase price proposal from us.

2. Price Negotiations

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The interested parties can buy your bike directly at your estimated price or, if the counter-offer function is activated, they can easily send you price offers that you only have to confirm or reject. Below the ad, interested parties can ask you questions about your ad, which are visible to everyone.

3. Shipping / Pick-Up

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If a buyer has been found, you can choose between pickup and shipping. For pickup, you make together with the buyer:in a pickup date and both sides confirm us via a link the successful delivery. For shipping, we will send you special packaging material for bicycles and then the shipping company to your home on your desired date. Our packing guide helps you to pack your bike easily.

4. Payout

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After personal delivery or delivery to the carrier, the money will be credited to your Buycycle account and you can withdraw it immediately. We reserve the buyer's money for you, so you don't have to worry about not receiving your money.